About Us

Culture Automotive, founded by Rhyno Haywood in March 2013, has been one of the leading

detailing and vehicle design companies in Johannesburg South Africa. We strive to bring one-of-a-kind service to every client. As part of a continuously changing and growing

industry, we aim to evolve our techniques and innovate technologies to ensure that we provide the

client with the most accurate results.

Our passion to revive, protect and preserve cars is the core foundation of Culture Automotive's driven nature and to push the boundaries of our vehicle designs and builds. We pride ourselves on professional and

honest service.

We’ve had the privilege to work on some of the most special and rarest cars in South Africa. 

We’ve met incredible people on this journey who share the same passion for cars. Our greatest aim

is to grow long-term relationships with our clients, built on trust.

Our slogan says it all – “Revive, protect, preserve”. This gives the driver peace of mind knowing

that their vehicle is well maintained and protected for years to come.


Rhyno Haywood.



find purpose,

and indulge in your passion.


Rhyno Haywood,


Founder of Culture Automotive